A Little Taste of Quebec

I haven’t disappeared! Life just happened, coming at me fast and furious. I’m catching up, but some things do need to take a back seat occasionally.

In the midst of all the happenings around here, the hubs and I did manage a few days away for a real vacation. And, ta-da! we finally made it to Quebec! We had planned on going last year, but I got terribly beat up by a severe cold.

I had six days of vacation in October, and we thought it would be a great time to visit. And, it was!

I’m just going to give you a little introduction into our travels, as I have so much more to share. It’s really rather overwhelming. So, I’m starting with just a wee post to whet your appetite.

Our first day in Quebec could not have been more lovely. The temperature was just right, the sky was clear, and there was just a slight breeze. Our Airbnb was a 10-15 walk from the Citadelle of Quebec and the Plains of Abraham. I’m so glad we began here, as the rest of our stay was rather wet and cold.

We began with the Citadelle, which is right on the bank of the St. Lawrence River.

The Citadelle is a masterful design; star-shaped and sunk into earthen berms to be all but hidden. And, once inside the outer walls, there is a deep trench and yet another wall.

We took a tour later on in the afternoon and found it fascinating. Inside the walls, it’s rather a self-contained little village.

Looking over the Citadelle walls to the city center.

There have been rather a lot of changes to the Citadelle during the 400 or so years it has existed. It began as a wooden structure, and my ancestor, Nicolas Pelletier (born circa 1609) was once a master carpenter there.

The defensive walls of the Citadelle of Quebec.

The Citadelle sits between the city of Quebec and Plains of Abraham, named for another ancestor, Abraham Martin. Though Abraham didn’t own the land, he was permitted to graze his animals there, and it came to be known by his name.


The plaque commemorating Abraham Martin.

The Plains of Abraham is the site of the battle between the English and the French in 1759 that the French lost, which is how Canada became a part of the English empire.

Today, it’s a lovely park and open space.



The motto of Quebec is je me souviens. It means “I remember.”

My history.

My people.

My comrades.

Je me souviens.

More to come!

‘Till then…

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