My Grandfather’s Father’s First Wife

I come from a long line of second wives. On both sides of my family, there have been several generations where a first wife has passed away, the man marries a second wife, and we descend from that marriage.

I’ve written about Berthelma, the first wife of my dad’s dad.

In my Gard family line, we descend from William Gard‘s second wife, the sister of his first wife.

And, in my father’s family, my great-great-grandfather, George Augustus Keene, we descend from his second wife, Lydia Ann Thompson.

George Augustus’ first wife was Ellen Piper. They married in 1853, when George was 20 and Ellen was 18. They had three children, Ellen, Florence, and Alice, before Ellen passed away at the age of 40 in 1875. (There might be a an infant son who didn’t survive, but it’s not a sure thing.)

A little more than a year later, in 1876, George married again. His new wife Lydia was only 25; he was 42. Oh, the scandal!

George and Lydia went on to have Annie Louise, George Ashton, George Augustus, Minot Terrill, Charles Lawrence (my grandfather), and Edith Blake. Annie and Charles seem to be the only children of this marriage who survived to adulthood.

Ellen’s grave is in the Keene family plot in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Lynn. Hers is one of the few remaining headstones. I’m glad that she’s not invisible…

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