Seaman 2nd Class George Keene: The Morning the Bombs Fell

I’ve just finished up another children’s book, my third. I love writing these!

This time, I’ve gone over to my father’s side of the family, to his younger brother, George. My Uncle George is a Pearl Harbor survivor, one of the last few remaining. I was shocked to realize that for even my children, World War II is in a galaxy far, far away. I felt the need to write a story for the next generation, hopefully in a way that makes history interesting, and most importantly, personal.


I’ve ordered enough copies for my grandchildren, and also copies for my uncle and his two daughters, my cousins. They, like me, are now grandmothers, so these books for those young ones will be about their grandfather. I can’t wait to give my uncle’s book to him. My dad is gone, so he’s the closest thing to a father I have these days. I hope to honor him while I can.