Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2015

December 11: Christmas at Church

Growing up, our family didn’t attend church. My mother was raised in the Methodist church, but as an adult, she did not attend church. Her mother, however, remained a faithful church-goer all her life.

Some of my fondest memories of my Nana are the Saturday afternoons when she let me tag along as she arranged the flowers for the next day’s service.

As children, my parents, while they didn’t attend church, would drop us off for Sunday school at the tiny Methodist church in our little town, three miles down the road from our house. I was also baptized there as a baby. I have vague feelings that perhaps we occasionally attended a Christmas service there.

On a trip a few years ago, I stopped by that little town on my way home from a visit with my mother. It looked so very small. I was SURE that it was much larger!

drive home from nevada 09-32

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