Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2015

December 10: Christmas Traditions

I remember three traditions from my younger years: 1) opening one present on Christmas Eve, 2) our wrapped presents came from our parents, while the presents from “Santa”were found on Christmas morning unwrapped under the tree, and 3) wonderfully stuffed Christmas stockings.

christmas 1968, barbara, richard, donald

I still have my stocking; it’s the one on the left side of the pot-bellied stove.

With our children, I’ve kept two of those traditions: the stockings and a present on Christmas Eve. We’ve added a few more through the years, too.

The kids always got new pajamas as their one present to open on the 24th. Now, the grandkids get them.

For years, they each got a new ornament, too.

And, our Christmas Eve meal of little bites is still going strong after a few decades. I tried to change it once, suggesting that we could get Chinese food perhaps. From the outcry, you’d have thought I had suggested not celebrating Christmas at all. So, that continues!

But, this year, in honor of finding my ancestors from around the world, the appetizers will be little tastes of Christmas food from their countries. Perhaps it will be the beginning of a new tradition!

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