Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2015

December 8: Christmas Shopping

I grew up out on the California desert; our little town was three miles down the road, and the “big” town was 10 miles away. The “big city” was over 50 miles down the lonely highway.

So, Christmas shopping was not a big deal. We made most of our gifts, or they were bought at the big town’s nickel and dime store, the pre-runner to today’s Target. We could get the ubiquitous tinsel there, wrapping paper, toys, yarn, or fabric. Candy, too, but not very often.

For really big shopping trips, we made the 50+mile trek to the big city, where we could shop at Sears & Roebuck’s real store, not just order out of the catalog.

But, the Christmas catalog! We anticipated the arrival of the special Christmas catalog in the mail, and when it finally arrived, we spent hours pouring over it, making lists and dreaming.

I still have a fond place in my heart for Christmas catalogs and mail order, only now, it’s!

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